First Day As Mamabae

Baby First Day

The heartfelt emotion that dwells in every corner of my heart, these feelings are deeply rooted in every new MamaBae, the compassion and mercy that encompass this infant whose feature are not yet even clear, all these feelings will grow in your heart, you will find yourself experiencing new emotions and be filled with love, concern and joy for this little one who has emerge from your body and is now a part of your life.

The First Cry

infant first cryThe baby’s first cry means that the air passages have begun to function properly, this is the signal that the baby respiratory system has made the switch from getting Oxygen through placenta to air. The First cry also indicates that there is no physical defect in the vocal chords that could affect child’s breathing or sound of his voice.

Baby Looks

New bornIf you are a new Mamabae then you will be very much amazed to see your first child and the way little cutie looks,  he/she must has a large head with small neck, short legs and large torso. The head of the newborns may appear somewhat misshapen because on average the infant remains squashed in the birth canal for 12 hours. Babies who are born by C-Section, on other hand, usually have a better appearance that distinguishes from their peers, because their heads have not been squeezed in the birth canal.

You can also experience a swelling in your child’s genitals as a result of extra dose of female hormones that he received from you just before birth. In addition to his face and eyes being swollen, his lips may be rosy, and his hands and feet may be blue for the first few hours of his life.

The First Feed

first feedWe advice the new mothers to breastfeed there babies as soon as possible after birth, because there are many benefits in doing so. One of the key benefit is that the milk that is secreted after birth from the mother’s breast is called colostrum which is full of protein, vitamins and minerals especially potassium and sodium chloride, it contains less fats and antibodies which protect child from multiple diseases. It also contains enzymes that are suited to stomach of the newborn in first few days.


Crying is method of expressing his needs and the only way to get mom’s attention. Your baby doesn’t cry for no reason in most cases, rather he/she needs something from you. In the first week the crying may be without tears and it is not expressive, but the tone will change time to time. Following are the Crying Causes,

  • Hunger
  • Colic
  • Wet Diaper
  • Pain
  • Temperature
  • Feeling lonely
  • Fear of Stranger
  • Sudden changes in Environment


sleeping babyYour baby sleep a lot because his body needs it, you cannot force your baby to sleep any more or any less, all you have to do is get to know his/her sleep pattern and adapt yourself to it. You also have to provide a calm atmosphere free of noise so that he/she can have a sound sleep. Keep away from things that disturb him while sleeping such as washing machine or a vacuum cleaner when turned on.
How Long should baby sleep? One baby may sleep for hours or another one may sleep for short time, but usually the time a newborn sleep may vary between 16 to 20 hours per day. Every time he/she awakes is because he feels hungry approx every 3 to 4 hours.

Hygiene Care

bathingFor Babies hygiene care get in the habit of cleaning your hands and utilizing only genuine baby product which cannot harm. Things to take care of while bathing,

  • Gently wipe eye’s with wet warm cotton.
  • Buy a Nasal aspirators and use this so that your baby nose must not get clogged.
  • Try to wash babies face with care so that water doesn’t goes through mouth, better to use cotton or wipes to wash face.
  • Cut Nails when it is necessary, so that your baby doesn’t harm itself with his own movements.
  • Changing Diapers timely is the most important thing a mom can do, babies usually start crying after doing poo so changing 4-6 diapers a day in the start is advisable.

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Jaundice commonly affects newborns, causing yellowness on the skin and eyes, this happens as a result of elevated levels of bilirubin in the blood. This Bilirubin usually processed by the liver and emit in the stool. In jaundice the body makes higher amount of bilirubin or the liver doesn’t able to get rid of.

Jaundice may cause due to number of following reasons,

  • Immaturity of baby’s liver
  • Excessive production of bilirubin
  • Blood poisoning
  • Incompatibility of mother’s blood and the blood of the fetus.

Treatment For Jaundice

PhototherapyDoctors will advice for test to check the bilirubin in the blood, if it is higher than 12 mg/dl than the infant will be treated with phototherapy which will expelled the excessive bilirubin from the urine, If test show low bilirubin then yellowness will disappear on its own with in one or two weeks.

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