Before You Get Pregnant

Planning Pregnancy

The journey of pregnancy starts way before you think of it. It’s not like that you wish to have a baby so you go for sex and BOOM the next morning you are carrying that sperm inside your womb. LOL you wish!!!

For a healthy pregnancy you need to plan certain things and through this blog I will be enlightening you with those points.

So here we go…


Understanding between spouse

When a couple decides to get pregnant they must make sure that they are have mutual feelings about having a baby. Even if one of you is not ready you should take time. Usually what happens is that once you get married you get societal pressure and you feel that everybody around IS waiting for your “good news” and in that pressure you put your feelings behind and instead of enjoying that golden time with each other you get into that race of “let’s have a baby” . Here, you must need to understand that life is not the race and having a baby is surely not one of the milestones that you need to achieve before reaching a certain age. No matter what your age is or how long you have been married if you both are not mentally ready you must not go for it. The little creature is surely the blessing from God and you will be given a huge responsibility of his upbringing. So before you get pregnant make sure you both are ready for this baby’s responsibility and this will only happen if you have understanding with your spouse.

Physical and mental health

mental-health-physical· To boost your body’s nutritional stores, start taking multi-vitamins and folic acids even before the pregnancy starts but only after your doctor prescribes. Our body go through a lot of changes and in order to prepare your body for this ride you must prepare for it.

· Eating healthy and cutting off junk food from your life. Because the junk food will only add some pounds and zero energy to your body that is so not favorable for your pregnancy. Maintaining your weight is quite essential if you don’t want to end up looking pregnant even before you get pregnant.

· Engaging your body with some healthy activity is also very necessary. Try achieving a healthy weight according to your BMI. Women who are over-weight are most likely have complications like high blood pressure or diabetes during pregnancy so in order to avoid this eat a healthy and balanced diet and do some exercise to shed those extra pounds off your body.

· Your mental health is equally important as your physical health. Please make sure that you are under no pressure or stress before your pregnancy starts because this will disturb your hormones that will create complications for you to conceive and even after you have conceived. relax your mind from all extra worries so that you enjoy every phase of this beautiful yet tiring journey of motherhood.

Travel with your partner

· Why not go on that road trip that you two are planning? Or go for snorkeling? Because once you get pregnant you must avoid the bumpy roads and adventure trips just to be safe with your baby. So, I would surely advise you to fulfill your inner adventurous soul because that little human being who is coming into our life is surely gonna keep you on your toes before the arrival and even after that before you get used to of his presence in your

Are you financially ready?

· Your expenses are surely going to increase during this time. Doctor’s appointments, medications, getting essentials for your baby and much more. All these things will add some (or more) amount to your already running budget. To avoid any financial stress first ask yourself this question and start working on it. Every parent in this world would want to provide the best possible lifestyle to their children and so do you.


Above all, the only thing that needs to be remembered is that you are starting a family and you should be ready for that from all aspects be it physically or mentally. I hope this little effort of mine will help you to start this beautiful journey of yours. Also, don’t forget to share your feedback with me.

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