During Pregnancy

Trimesters of Pregnancy

trimesters of pregnancy

So we usually hear a lot about the word trimester and being in different trimesters of pregnancy, but have we really thought about what is literal meaning of word trimester and what a mother undergoes during those stages. A BIG NO! but as a mother to be it is really important for her to educate …

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Packing a Hospital Bag


Third trimester are the days in which you must prepare yourself mentally and physically for meeting  baby you have dreamed, for the last several months. At times there might be a possibility that you may get labor a little earlier than the expected date, so it is better to gear up for these things before …

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Shopping Guide For MamaBae

newborn checklist

Now that you are finally expecting a new member in your family, it’s good to prepare before THE TIME. There are some items that you will be needing before the birth of your child or soon after the birth. So, it’s better to buy those to avoid last minute panic and to be honest during the …

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Amniotic fluid

water bag

Amniotic fluid is the watery liquid that surrounds the baby / fetus within the uterus. It allows the baby / fetus to move about freely without the hindrance caused by the uterus walls being too tight around it. At the same time, this fluid also provides a cushioning within the uterus and gives the fetus …

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