I’m Finally Pregnant, Now What?

Finally Pregnant

Do you See the double lines on your test strips? It means that your journey to become a MAMABAE has finally begun, Congratulations girl. How long you and your partner have waited for this news maybe for months or even years and now when you are finally pregnant you are feeling happy yet anxious because you don’t want this happiness to end. It’s okay to have these mixed feelings but don’t let your feeling of responsibility overshadow your joy. Please remember that the journey of parenthood is an overwhelming experience and you should enjoy every moment of this. To be honest sometimes you won’t but IT’S OKAY.

To help you start this journey you will need others experience to learn from. So, don’t worry this mamabae is here to help you out.

Find a good doctor

First thing first, you must find a good doctor. For this ask your friends circle or your family and whoever satisfies you, book an appointment with him within the first month of your pregnancy. Here, also remember that every person will share the reviews according to his own experience and in the end, you will have to follow your own instinct.

Educate yourself

educate yourself about pregnancy

There are numbers of changes that your body will go through in this period and you should be aware of that. Instead of being ignorant, educate yourself about your pregnancy journey. This is one way of enjoying this period. Knowing that how miraculously the little creature is growing inside you is always a great sense of motivation. For this get a help from internet or buy a book on pregnancy. Also, there are multiple pregnancy applications that you can download on your mobile and get weekly update of your baby growth and tips for you.

Focus on your diet

You might will get to hear that you should eat for two persons now. Well, wrong advice alert here! Eat food from every food group:

Pregnancy Diet
· Vegetables and legumes/beans
· Fruit
· Grain (cereal) foods, mostly wholegrain and/or high cereal fiber varieties
· Lean meats and poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds and legumes/beans.
· Milk, yogurt cheese and/or alternatives, mostly reduced fat,

but if you take food that is high in fats, sugar and salt..eat just small amounts or eat them now and then, not every day. You can divide your meal five times a day. You will be gaining some weight during this time but abnormal weight gain will just be the cause of high-risk pregnancy.

Stay happy

stay happyYour mental health is also very important. Spending quality time with your loved ones will help you stay positive during your blue moods. Try to keep a calm and happy environment in your home. Your baby’s development is directly affected by how you feel. If you are under stress then your body will release particular hormones that will affect your baby’s development of body and brain.

New Trimester, New Changes

This pregnancy period is basically a roller-coaster of changes. When you get the positive test means you get the ticket and you hop on it, now passing from all the ups and downs feeling your adrenaline flowing fast. When this ride finally ends you have this broad smile on your face, feeling proud that you made it to the end without throwing up.


Whole pregnancy is divided into three trimesters and with each trimester you and your baby have different milestones to achieve.

In first trimester, your baby’s organs and body structures develop. Most miscarriages and birth defects occur during this period. Since your body is doing so much of hard work these days you will feel the symptoms like nausea, fatigue, breast tenderness, being moody and frequent urination. Although these are common pregnancy symptoms but every woman her own experience. Some might go through all of these and some might not.

In second trimester, you tend to get back your lost energy. Though you will feel less nauseated but there are other symptoms that you will feel in this trimester, like back pain, leg cramps, heart burn and constipation. In this trimester you will feel your baby’s first movements between 16 and 20 weeks.by the mid of this trimester you have started to appear pregnant to everyone around due to that little bump.

In third trimester, you are feeling your baby’s kicks every now and then, with other physical symptoms like shortness of breath, swelled ankles, itching, varicose veins and sleeping problems.

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Decide when to tell and who to tellAnnounce Pregnancy

Announce only when you have passed your first trimester because you don’t know who will actually be happy to hear this news. Announcing earlier will only bring unnecessary advice’s and questions. In order to avoid all of this consider telling this to your parents, close family and friends first.

Let’s do shopping

Baby ShoppingYou will be needing a lot of new stuff for the baby and for yourself as well. With the bigger size you will need bigger and more comfortable clothes. Remember, that you don’t need everything that you see other mommy using. Shop according to your own need and your own budget.
You can also check shopping guide for further help.

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